In Which I Admit Defeat and Buy a Helmer

Okay okay okay, I give up.  I said I didn’t want a helmer.  I swore I wouldn’t buy one.  A file cabinet for nail polish?  PAH! BALDERDASH!

The problem is, I keep buying new polishes and exceeding capacity in all of my other solutions.  This weekend I came to a crossroads.  I could either buy another large rolling bin or a Helmer.  I decided to buy the one that gave me the most future capacity.  Besides, the big rolling bin grouped everything together in a way that was difficult to keep organized.  Finding the polishes I was looking for wasn’t easy.  More, smaller shelves permits more organization.


Ikea’s Helmer in the white finish. Also available in red and silver.

I didn’t expect to have to assemble it myself.  I mean, it’s Ikea so of course I should have realized it, but since the cabinet is metal I really thought it would be mostly put together.  But putting together the metal pieces was as easy as assembling their wood furniture.  The only place I ran into a problem was the drawer backs.  It really helps to follow the directions.  I chose to glance at the directions and choose an arbitrarily incorrect way of putting them together, resulting in cuts, blood blisters and a lot of cussing.  Three drawers were wrong before I realized how I was supposed to do it.  When I went back to fix them things went much more smoothly.

Hey want to see what’s in my drawers? I haven’t decided whether to go full OCD and line them up by brand or shade yet.  You can really see my color preferences here.  Buy all of the blues, purples and metallics!

Helmer Red Pink

Drawer 1: Red and Pink.

Helmer Orange Yellow Green

Drawer 2: Orange, Yellow and Green.

Helmer Blue

Drawer 3: Blue.


Helmer Purple

Drawer 4: Purple and Blurple.


Helmer Metallic Glitter Holo

Drawer 5: Metallics, Glitter and Holographic.


Helmer Black White Neutral

Drawer 6: Black, White and Neutral/Brown.


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  1. Go full OCD! 🙂 My OCD makes me want to jump into my monitor and line them up myself. LOL. I’m resisting the Helmer too. I have exceeded capacity on my wall racks and buying more would be obnoxious. My daughter always points out that I have more polish on the wall than any nail salon.

    • I actually lined them up last night and it looked so nice. Then I opened the drawer once and they slid all over the place. I’m going to buy some of that rubberized shelf liner so they won’t slide, THEN go all OCD on its ass.

  2. I have been considering getting another Hemer for a while now. I have had one under my desk for almost 20 years and the problem ist that they changed the design of the handles. So, I don’t want to replace my old one and I don’t really like the new handles. First World Problems.

  3. I don’t get everyone’s enthusiasm for Helmer because it would drive me nuts to not be able to see them from the front. I used a tutorial from a YouTube video (with my husband’s help) to build a rack out of foam core, which I promptly attached to the inside of a closet. My polishes are good to go, and not exposed too much since I can close the closet door. We are planning on moving this year, so I want to ask my Dad to make a new shelf for me, since I think the foam core version will not survive being pulled off of the door.

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