China Glaze Bohemian Collection

Every blog has swatched the new China Glaze Bohemian Collection at this point.  In fact, that’s why I could no longer resist.  This is a Pokemon set for me, gotta catch ’em all. Even the Chanel Peridot dupe, which I already have adequately covered.

But since plenty of more talented lacqueristas than I have adequately swatched these, I went straight to skittles and stamping.  Yes, like the Essie Mirror Metallics collection, my last Pokemon set, I decided to wear every color at once.  Well, except for Rare and Radiant, since I don’t have six fingers and I’ve shown my love for Peridot clones plenty of times before.

Since the color mix is a bit funky I decided to do a bit of funky stamping.  A different design for each finger.  These are all from Red Angel plates, stamped with Konad‘s special black stamping polish.  Let’s get the car shot out of the way so I can show you how this looks in sunlight.

Bohemian Car

I’m too lazy to look up the model name of this car, because it ain’t stamped on the chassis. I hate it when they don’t stamp the chassis.

Thumb: Want my Bawdy
Pointer: Unpredictable
Middle: No Plain Jane
Ring: Deviantly Daring
Pinkie: Swanky Silk

Bohemian Google

I bought the kids some instant hand puppet googly eyes today. I think I should do all of my blog photos like this from now on.

It’s hard to pick a favorite.  I think Deviantly Daring might be the winner here.  I love Want My Bawdy but Deviantly Daring is breathtaking in person.  That touch of green just makes it.

Bohemian Sun 1

Semi-direct sunlight.

Bohemian Sun 2

Lovely in direct sunlight.


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  1. I haven’t swatched it yet! 🙂 These look great.

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