A England Hootenanny #NOTD

It seems like the big A England sale happened ages ago.  I purchased four lacquers and waited nearly a month for them to arrive.  But boy was the wait worth it.

I’ll admit, my first review of A England was pretty uncharitable.  I’d paid full price and waited on shipping, just to receive wonky-haired brushes and crusted shut bottles.  St George had to be opened with pliers.  So needless to say I was a bit disappointed.  Since that initial review my opinion has done nothing but improve with subsequent wearings.  The fact is, their formulas are impeccable.

I went with a multi-colored mani again, as I did with the China Glaze Bohemian collection.  I get so excited about all of the colors that I can’t wait to wear them all at once.  This is a mix of cool shades with shimmer.

A England Skittles 1

Thumb: Tristam; Pointer: St George; Middle: Lady of the Lake; Ring: Order of the Garter; Pinkie: Dragon. 2 coats each, topped with Seche Vite.

Tristam, St George and Lady of the Lake all have an incredible holo shimmer.  Order of the Garter’s shimmer is silvery blue, and Dragon’s shimmer is golden.  Look at the pristine, smooth finish on these.  Just a perfect candy glaze.  A England performs like no other polish I own.  Flawless finishes like these are few and far between, usually.  But it seems they come standard in every bottle A England produces.  I’m gushing, I know.  But look at it!  It’s gush-worthy!

My favorite of the bunch?  Probably Tristam.  It’s just an amazing deep blurple with a prominent holo.  Second favorite is definitely St George.  If you had to own just two, those would be my picks.

A England Skittles 2

Indirect sunlight.

A England Skittles 3

Look at this weird-ass toy my kids found in a geocache last weekend. They think it’s awesome, I think it’s some kind of monkey kitty robot thing.




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  1. I like A Englands so much that I wear them ALONE. I just wore Lady of the Lake for 4 days (which still looked nearly perfect when I took it off), and now I have moved on to Tristam. I need greens badly. I am determined to wait until they have another sale.

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