OPI Germany Collection + KAYS Up in Flames #NOTD

It’s been a bad couple of weeks for my wallet.  First the China Glaze Bohemian collection came out, then the OPI Germany collection came out.  I’m just lucky Zoya’s and Butter LONDON’s fall collections haven’t hit my Ulta yet.

I picked up the four most irresistible colors from OPI, but I’ll probably circle back for a couple more before I’m done.  The first one I felt compelled to try was sort of a surprising choice for me.  I chose Deutsche You Want me Baby?, which is a shimmery metallic orange.  I’m not usually an orange lover, but great googly moogly is this color beautiful.  I’ve seen other blogs describe it as the perfect fall shade, and I would agree.  It’s practically luminescent, a fiery orange that reminds me of late summer bonfires.  It’s like someone bottled an autumn sunset.

I knew I wanted to layer something over it for an accent nail or two, and my initial thought was to add China Glaze’s Electrify.  The orange and golden glitter blend seemed ideal.  But when I placed the two next to each other, Deutsche put Electrify to shame.  Made it look dull and lifeless.  I needed something hotter.

That’s when I reached for my bottle of KAYS Up in Flames.  It has a translucent red base with tons of big square gold glitter surrounded by tiny gold glitter that adds a beautiful shimmer.  All on its lonesome I thought of it as a solid red, just red, nothing but red.  But when I placed it next to Deutsche, it complemented the fiery orange perfectly.

Deutsche Direct Sun

2 coats of OPI’s Deutsche You Want Me Baby? with a pistol accent in KAYS’ Up in Flames. Glitter coat topped with Gelous, all finished with Seche Vite.

When I first got my bottle of Up in Flames in the mail, I wasn’t sure what I would do with it.  I’m not usually a big fan of chunky glitter, and I don’t typically wear red.  But this one single mani makes it all worthwhile.  It’s a match made in heaven.  This mani glows, I tells ya.

Formula-wise I was pretty pleased with both lacquers.  Deutsche You Want Me Baby covered and flowed nicely, and was a perfect 2-coater.  Up in Flames took a little fussing to get the big glitter pieces spread out, but it wasn’t difficult or unexpected.  I did have to slap a big dollop of Gelous over the glitter, and then topped it all in Seche Vite.  So it’s a bit thick on my thumb and pointer.  Still, I’m very happy with it, thick or not.

Deutsche Indirect Sun

Faint morning sunlight, not quite in the shade but not quite in full rays.

Deutsche Lamp

OPI’s Deutsche You Want Me Baby? and KAYS’ Up in Flames in lamp light. Topped with Seche Vite.

Deutsche Car

Check out the car. IT’S A HOT WHEELS FIREBIRD, GET IT?!!?!11




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  1. I bought Deutche for my mom since one of the random NOPIs that I have given her was orange and she wears it all the time. I tried it on first (obviously) but I wasn’t obsessed with it. I like your sparkly bit there though.

    • i can’t explain my love for this color. it’s like a warm fuzzy blanket. it’s rich and velvety smooth. i’m not usually an orange fan but this one just really hit my sweet spot, i guess.

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