Milani Silver Dazzle

Hey!  200th post!  How about that?

Meet Silver Dazzle, an amazing dense glitter from Milani’s One Coat Glitter collection.  It’s a deep charcoal palette, with ultra-dense silver and black glitter.  The effect is like, I don’t know, crushed black diamond.

Dazzle Car L

Two coats of Silver Dazzle, one coat of Gelous, one coat of Sally Hansen’s Diamond Shine top coat, and one coat of Seche Vite.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, China Glaze is the gold standard for glitter polish.  That said, Milani’s Silver Dazzle is almost comparable to China Glaze quality.  If you can’t get your hands on China Glaze, or if you’d like to shave a couple bucks off of the price of a bottle of polish, this might be a good choice.

Dazzle Indirect Sunlight

Still overcast when I got to work, but a little more natural warmth to the color balance.

A word about the finish, though.  All on its lonesome it dries with a texture, not exactly sparkly.  It’s interesting, but I wanted eye-catching flashes of light.  So I top coated it up a notch.  Well, three notches.  I’d read reviews that said this stuff devours topcoat so I devised a plan of attack.

First I topped it with one coat of Gelous, to create a nice even clear coat layer.  I then went over it with Sally Hansen’s Diamond Shine.  I’ve mentioned in previous posts that Diamond Shine topped with Seche Vite is the shiniest thing in the universe.  So of course I then topped it all with Seche Vite.

It’s a little thicker than ideal, so if you’re sensitive to that you might not like this approach.  But I swear it’s worth it.  It’s glossy and shiny and sparkly and I can’t stop talking with my hands.

Dazzle Indirect Dawn

This is an interesting photo I grabbed in my car during an overcast dawn. The color is washed out, but you can really see the complex texture here.

Dazzle Cell Pic

Cell phone photo in the pinpoint lighting. The color temperature is off, but you can really see the sparkles.


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  1. I really love Silver Dazzle. I put it over a coat of something else and the finish is just really enjoyable for something so densely glittered.

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