Lippmann Aggainn #NOTD

Behind on my updates, thanks to a busy week.  My little boys turned four last Saturday.  We flew in family and threw a party for nearly 20 kids.  It was awesome fun but exhausting.  I actually went naked-nailed all day Sunday.  GASP!

Look at my little geocachers with their backpacks and hiking poles:

Little Hikers

Four years old! My little babies are growing up! *sob*

Anyway, back to nails.  I don’t usually repeat polishes.  I have so many I haven’t worn yet and I keep buying new ones, so wearing them more than once doesn’t make sense right now.  But there is a selection of polishes in my collections that I wore back when I was still trying to break the biting habit, and thus never really got to enjoy them on longer, shaped nails.

So here we go, Deborah Lippmann’s Across the Universe.  Again.  My god this stuff is the stuff.  I usually have a policy against buying Lippmans, because the price is too high for colors that usually gets duped within a year of release.  But Across the Universe has no dupes.

I’ve spoken out about big hunks of glitter, namely my annoyance at the big, spotty hunks of glitter indie polish trend.  This one is the only one where I make an exception.  Because my god.  It has a blackened jelly base with a blend of small glitter and blue and green big hex glitter.  Layered two or three times, it looks deep and shimmery and light catching and simply marvelous.

Warning, messy cuticles ahead.

Lippmann Sun

Two coats of Deborah Lippman’s Across the Universe, topped with Seche Vite.

Lippmann Shade

Indirect light makes it glow from within.



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  1. I cannot believe they are 4. That makes me feel old.

    Also, I want that polish. I’m wearing the last polish for the project, and now I have to reorganize the shelf and take another photo, but mostly, it doesn’t look nearly as empty as I had hoped.

    Are your polishes separated by “worn” and “not worn” in that IKEA drawer thing then?

    • I don’t separate worn from unworn in the helmer. I have a spreadsheet where I note the ones I’ve worn. I have my colors separated into drawers and I try to group similar shades within each color set.

      I’m not surprised your shelves don’t look much different, I read the whole polish project and you said “keep” on most of them! 😉

      • Not exactly! I have culled more recently but haven’t written about it. I did go back to test polishes against one another, so that helped with getting rid of some more. I’m trying to only buy SPECIAL polishes from now on, which I will define later in a post. I did photograph all of the shares so I will be hooking you up with those photos to check out sometime this week/weekend.

  2. I have an Essence polish that might qualify as a dupe for this. I need to check it when I get back to Aachen.

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