Best. Mani. Ever. #NOTD

I want to give my hands an award for looking AWESOME today.  This is my absolute favorite mani I’ve done so far.  It all started when I stopped by Sally’s for the new China Glaze Wicked collection, and found out it’s not expected in for another week or so.  I couldn’t leave empty handed, so I picked up a bottle of the ever-popular Lubu Heels.  Lubu is a deep vampy red that’s filled with bright red glitter.  It is the dark, twisted sister of Ruby Pumps.

That’s when I started thinking about gradients.  And stamped gradients.  So I fished around in my Helmer for a bit and picked out a bottle of OPI’s Royal Rajah Ruby, a lovely deep metallic red that’s similar in tone to Lubu Heels.

Here we go.

Red Gradient 1

China Glaze Ruby Pumps, China Glaze Lubu Heels, Royal Rajah Ruby, Sally Hansen Diamond Shine, and Seche Vite. *Whew*  Indirect morning light.

Red Gradient 2

Incandescent lighting.

I did one full coat of Ruby Pumps, then added a second coat just on the cuticle-half of the nail.  Next I did a coat of Lubu Heels on the tip half of each nail.  Finally I dabbed a bit of RP and LH on a sponge and stippled a smooth transition between the two shades.  It took a bit of delicate maneuvering to get the gradient right, but I’m ecstatic with the result.

After a few minutes of drying time I went back over it with Royal Rajah Ruby and a fishnet design from one of my Bundle Monster plates.  You can hardly see the stamp but I think it helps visually transition the gradient.  I topped it with a coat of Sally Hansen’s Diamond Shine top coat, and a coat of Seche Vite, of course.

There’s no sun anywhere in the heavens today, so I took a bunch of shots in various types of lighting.  It’s friggin’ amazing, folks.  Trust me.  Try not to notice my inconsistent nail shape, since I lost the corner off of my middle finger, dammit.

Red Gradient 4

Mix of halogen and fluorescent lighting.

Red Gradient 3

Harsh halogen lighting, but look at that glitter!

Red Gradient 5

Fluorescent lighting.



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