The Road to Recovery #NOTD

So I’m recovering from the disaster of all nail disasters and I did a ton of product research to find out what would protect my remaining nail surface until the damaged sections can grow out.  Techncially speaking what happened is called “delamination”   the layers of keratin that form the nail plate peel away, parallel to the matrix.  Yeah, peeling.

So the product I settled on was Nailtiques Formula 2.  I’ve been using Nail Envy nail hardener, which uses formaldehyde to strengthen and build bonds in the nail plate.  I decided to switch to a protein-based strengthener that’s designed for thin, peeling nails.  Formula 2 rates really well and based on Loodie Loodie Loodie’s fabulous series of articles on hardeners, a protein product seemed like the right way to go.

So I’m now using Formula 2 as a base, and we’ll just have to see how it goes.  Unfortunately you can see the uneven surface of the remaining nail bed, but I can’t buff any more than I have without risking worse damage.  At some point the only solution is growth.

Anyway.  I stopped at Payless Shoes last week to pick up a cheap pair of slip-ons.  On my way to the register I spotted a cosmetic display for a brand called Brash.  I grabbed a couple of bottles for $2.50 each and tried one out this week.  This one is called Twisted Melon and it’s the color of watermelon jolly ranchers.  It has a nice sparkle that’s visible in all light, although the application left something to be desired.  Very difficult to pick this color up on camera, but let’s see how she flies.

Twisted Melon 1

Brash’s Twisted Melon, topped with Seche Vite. Some tip wear due to delayed photography.

Twisted Melon 2

Brash’s Twisted Melon up close.  Tip wear from delayed photography.

Twisted Melon 3

Brash’s Twisted Melon, indirect sunlight.  This shot is probably closest to true color, although still not quite accurate.

Twisted Melon 4

Brash’s Twisted Melon, hard direct daylight.


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