Taking Stock: The Red and Orange Drawer

I own around 700 nail polishes, excluding base and top coats. Every now and then I like to go through them and organize, which also gives me a chance to shake them and add thinner to any that have evaporated a bit. Next up is the red drawer.

IMG_0200There are 53 bottles in this drawer.  40 are in the red family, and 13 are in the orange family.  It’s hard for a red to make an impression on me, so I tend to pass them up in favor of cooler colors.  Orange formulas tend to be either chalky or sheer, and just don’t flatter my skin tone as a rule, but every now and then I find one I have to own.  And then comes the inevitable disappointment.  As before I’ve grouped the shades in vaguely defined color families. Each group has at least one that probably belongs in a different group, but whatevs.  Grouping is hard.

IMG_0190These two are refugees from the pink drawer.  I don’t know why they’re in with the reds (L to R): OPI “You Only Live Twice”, Orly “Miss Conduct.”

IMG_0191The true reds (top L to bottom R): Sally Hansen Insta-Dri “Racey Rouge”, Essie “She’s Pamered”, Julep “Myrtle”, OPI (unknown mini), Sinful Colors “Ruby Ruby”, Finger Paints “Holidazzle”, OPI “The Spy Who Loved Me”, China Glaze “Ruby Pumps.”

IMG_0192The rich reds (top L to bottom R): OPI “I’m Not Really a Waitress”, Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure “Wine Not”, A England “Perceval”, Zoya “Posh”, Sally Girl (unknown mini), Butter London “Knees Up.”  Percival and Knees Up are nearly dupes, but Percival is slightly brighter and has the better formula of the two.

IMG_0193The wine reds (top L to bottom R): OPI “Every Month is Oktoberfest”, OPI “Royal Rajah Ruby”, OPI “Germanicure by OPI”, Sally Hansen Insta-Dri “Wined Up”, Rimmel “Red Award” OPI “Red Fingers & Mistletoes.”  If you think that top row looks identical, you’re almost right.  They’re nearly indistinguishable in the bottle, but on the nail they’re ever-so-slightly different.  Not different enough to be worth buying all three, but not technically true dupes.

IMG_0194The blackened reds (top L to bottom R): OPI “Stay the Night”, OPI “Stay the Night” (mini), OPI “Today I Accomplished Zero”, China Glaze “Lubu Heels.”  StN is liquid sand, TIAZ is the glossy-finished version.

IMG_0195The reds with a golden cast (L to R): OPI “It’s My Year”, Zoya “India”, Zoya “Tinsley.”

IMG_0196The red-oranges (top L to bottom R): KAYS “Catching Fire”, KAYS “Up in Flames”, Cover Girl “Rogue Red”, Cover Girl “Inferno”, China Glaze “Harvest Moon.”  Hmm, lots of Hunger Games shades in this category.

IMG_0197The salmony corals (top L to bottom R): Sally Hansen HD “Wavelength”, Brash “Twisted Melon”, Julie G “Sugar Rush”, CQ “Rustic Dream.”

IMG_0198The fiery shades: Finger Prints “Drawn to This Shade”, LVX “Roux”, Sinful Colors “Summer Peach”, Orly “Ablaze”, OPI “My Paprika is Hotter Than Yours”, Sinful Colors “Courtney Orange”, OPI “Deutsch You Want Me Baby.”

IMG_0199The juicy oranges (top L to bottom R): Orly “Tropical Pop”, Sinful Colors “Cloud 9”, Wet & Wild “Sunny Side Up”, Wet & Wild “9021 Orange”, Rimmel Cocktail Colour “Shirly Temple”, Sally Hansen Diamond Strength “Sunrise Sunset.”

IMG_0201The exceptions.  These don’t belong in the other categories, probably because I was just tired of grouping by now (L to R): Super Black Lacquer “The Haymaker”, Julep “America.”  Haymaker is wrapped in fiber packing tape because this bottle shape never survives shipping and I have to wrap the cracked ones before opening them.  Until she updates her bottle I can’t order from her anymore, which is a real bummer.


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