Colors by Llarowe “Chasing a Unicorn”

 #notd Colors by Llarowe “Chasing a Unicorn,” the magical, mystical, always sold-out, elusive white holographic of your dreams. Because holo bases have a silver or gray cast, white is a tough accomplishment. And in fact this isn’t a true white. It’s a two-part system with a white jelly base and a holo topper. In sharp lighting and at a distance it’s close enough to pass as white, but in reality it’s a very pale gray. You might be able to achieve a similar look with a white creme base and a coat of “Spectraflair” holographic topcoat (Etsy) or a coat of Super Black Lacquers “Wishful Thinking.” But Llarowe’s topper seems finer and thinner, which keeps it from going too gray on a single coat. This is two coats of the white base and one coat of topper. No huge rainbows, and in medium lighting it appears more pearlescent than holographic. But when a guy who never notices nails says “that’s pretty,” you know you’ve found something special. It’s fussy to apply and not truly stark white, but “Chasing a Unicorn” is worth the purchase. #nailpolish #polishaddict  

Edit: Just tried layering “Spectraflair” and “Wishful Thinking” over Essie “Blanc.” The holo effect is weaker and patchier with both. Llarowe is definitely superior and the effect cannot be reproduced with a regular holo top coat over white. 



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