Geocaching Signature Items

Did you find one of my cabochons in a geocache?  Comment below and let me know where you found it!


SMT015 placed in GC3TY47 on 8/19/12


SMT014 Placed in GC3TY47 on 8/19/12


SMT013 Placed in GC3TY47 on 8/19/12


SMT012 – Spoiled’s Ants in My Pants, backed by Nina Pro’s Black. Placed in GCZX97 on 8/11/12


SMT011 – China Glaze’s Luxe and Lush, backed with Nina Pro’s Black. Left in GC10MHA on 8/1/12


SMT010 – Orly’s Sashay My Way, backed with Orly’s Glitz and Glamour.  Left in GC1JWRY 7/29/12


SMT009 – Wet n Wild’s Kaleidoscope backed with Orly’s Sweet Peacock. Left in GC140RQ 7/29/12

Cabochon SMT008

SMT008 – Spoiled’s I Gotta Confection to Make, backed with Sinful’s Flutter.  Left in GCPVJC 7/28/12


SMT007 – NYC Big City Dazzle, backed with Hard Candy Beetle.  Placed in GC2GXZC on 7/12/12


SMT006 – NYC Starry Silver Glitter, backed with Zoya Ivanka.  Placed in GC2C0P5 on 7/14/12


SMT005 – Essie A Cut Above, backed with Orly Luxe.  Placed in GC2RQPT on 7/8/12


SMT004 – China Glaze Electrify, backed with CQ Rustic Dream. Placed in GC2RQPT 7/8/12.


SMT003 – FingerPaints Movie in the Park, backed with Wet n Wild Silvivor. Placed in GC2RQ8R 7/8/12.


SMT002 – China Glaze Lorelei’s Tiara, backed with OPI’s Fly.  Placed in GC1GD89 7/7/12.


SMT001 – China Glaze Full Spectrum, backed with Nina Pro Black.  Placed in GC1A78P 7/7/12.

  1. We picked up SMT001 this morning from a geocache (GC1A78P) in Don White Park in Roswell. Very pretty, thanks!

  2. I found SMT010 this morning over in Alpharetta at GC1JWRY. Sorry I am new to this. I am supposed to log this somewhere on or do I just put it in another cache sometime when I find it? Thanks!

    • No need to log it anywhere, this is just a personal signature item that I like to leave as a calling card in caches I like. Ideally you should trade something if you decide to pick it up, but after that it’s entirely up to you. Thanks for letting me know you found it. I suppose I should start putting instructions on them so folks know what they’re supposed to do with them. Shoulda thought of that sooner! 🙂

      If you liked UC DaCache in Alpharetta, you should check out the original UC DaCache at riverside (GC1BJ9K).

      • I will have to check that out! Would you like me to drop the item in another cache? Hoping to do some geocaching when I leave a job site this week out of state 🙂

    • It’s up to you! If you want to keep it, you’re welcome to. But you’re also welcome to pass it along. I like the idea of my cabochons travelling so I don’t mind at all if you want to move it somewhere else.

  3. Found Cabochon SMT012, Spoiled’s Ants in My Pants, today in Geocache GCZX97. Beautiful, rich color! Will share with others and place it in another cache soon. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Found SMT003 on my lunch hour today right where you left it. I noticed the label and figured it was a trackable…but when I could not find it on, I Googled it and found this blog.

    I may put it in a baggie with this web address written on it for future finders to come here and log it. I’ll move it forward soon!

  5. I found SMT003 in GC1WHZ8 What as This About? waaay out in Meteor Crater, AZ. I’ll report where I’ll drop it off soon.

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