Sinful Colors “King Size”

 #notd Sinful Colors “King Size” from the Trend Matters collection. For the stamp I used A England “Elaine,” which is an aubergine creme. “King Size” is one of the Walgreens exclusives and definitely a must-have. Outstanding formula with prominent gold shimmer whether worn matte or topped with glossy topcoat. #nailpolish #nailaddict


Glam Polish “Music is Magic”

#notd Glam Polish “Music is Magic” from the Truly Outrageous collection. Paired with Shana, the bassist and sometimes drummer of the Holograms. I always loved the shiny shoulder detail on her silver jacket, so I went with a rhinestone detail on this mani. But rhinestones drive me crazy so if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go pop them off now. #nailpolish #nailaddict #jem #jemandtheholograms 

Glam Polish “Gimme Gimme Gimme”

#notd Glam Polish “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!” from the Truly Outrageous collection. Paired with Pizzazz of the Misfits, of course. I’m pretty happy with my little nail art homage. The green is spot-on, couldn’t be a better match. @glampolish_ #nailpolish #nailaddict  #jem

Glam Polish “I Got My Eye on You”

  #notd Glam Polish “I Got My Eye on You” from the Truly Outrageous collection, layered over Essie’s purple chrome “Nothing Else Metals.” This blue could have been perfect for Jerrica because of the pink shimmer, but I think it coordinates best with Aja’s blue-lavender look. Design inspired by her skirt.

#nailaddict #nailpolish #jem #jemandtheholograms @glampolish_ 

Pretty Seeious “All that Remains”

 #notd Pretty Seious “All that Remains” from the Apocalyptic Princess collection. Excellent formula, and the golden shimmer in the muted blue base is a thing of beauty. I grabbed this collection because of its pinks but I think this one just became my favorite of the bunch. #nailpolish #polishaddict

Femme Fatale “Fields of Treasure”

 #notd Femme Fatale “Fields of Treasure” from the Afterlight Gala collection. I stamped with several different colors on my Uber mat before settling on this blue OPI. It also looked great with Sinful Colors “Lavender.” #nailpolish #polishaddict

Contrary Polish “Magical Manatee”

 #notd Contrary Polish “Magical Manatee” from the Coloring Outside of the Lines collection. The base is almost like a crelly, sheer enough to let the flakies shine through but buildable to opacity with a finish that looks like a creme. I’ve been wearing a peel-off base coat lately to try to cut down on acetone but sometimes I accidentally pop my polish off before I can get photos. #nailpolish #polishaddict

Glam Polish “Showtime Synergy”

 #notd My feed is about to get weird. This is Glam Polish “Showtime Synergy” from the Truly Outrageous collection. Silvery microglittery holo-y goodness with lots of bright pop color bits. I did two coats, a lightning bolt nail vinyl, and 2 coats of Fingerpaints “Flip Flop Fuchsia.” I matched this sparkly goodness with Glitter and Gold Jem from the original second series of dolls. All of the second series had better face designs than the first and the accessories were great. I can’t believe 12-year-old me didn’t lose those sunglasses and bracelets. #nailpolish #polishaddict #nailaddict #notashamed #jem 

Contrary Polish “Cloud”

#notd This is Contrary Polish “Cloud.” It’s a marshmallowy squishy white that applies really nicely. It’s not as stark as a true white creme, but it’s also not plagued by the streakiness of most white cremes. This is three coats with a glossy top coat. #nailpolish #polishaddict

Contrary Polish “Spring it On” Collection

#notd I’ve been growing out a bunch of broken shorties thanks to a tough crafting project. In the meantime I can’t stop playing with Contrary Polish’s “Spring it On” creme collection. Every shade in the collection is gorgeous and the formulas are lovely and self-leveling. I even managed to successfully water marble for the very first time! And I tried nail vinyls with a gradient for the first time, too. I so rarely repeat polishes but I just can’t put this set away. It’s like my perfect desert island set of cremes. #nailpolish #polishaddict