China Glaze “Come Rain or Shine”

 #notd China Glaze “Come Rain or Shine” from the House of Color collection. Shown here with the Cult Nails “Wax That” matte topcoat. I love the look of this top coat, especially over a contrast shimmer. The polish chipped within a day but it’s tough to know if that’s due to the polish’s formula or the top coat. #nailpolish #polishaddict


Femme Fatale “Stargazing on Saturn”

 #notd Femme Fatale’s March COTM “Stargazing on Saturn” is more gorgeous than I’d hoped. The deep blue with brown shimmer reminds me of the blue/brown combo of “In His House He Waits Dreaming” but leaning more to the blue side with a ton of sparkle. This is two coats with a top coat in various lighting. Applied beautifully. #nailpolish #nailaddict 

Indigo Banana “Quantum Gravity (Holo)”

 #notd Indigo Bananas “Quantum Gravity (Holo).” I was worried when I received this with “Color of the Fire” since they looked nearly identical in the bottle. But QG is a rich burnished gold whereas CotF shows a lot more pink and has a stronger linear holo effect. I applied this one with a sponge and like the coverage a lot, but that might possibly account for less linear holo in the finished effect. #nailpolish #nailaddict

Essie “Watermelon”

 #notd Essie “Watermelon” stamped in something of a tribute to Magnum PI’s shirt. Sort of. Good formula, decently self-leveling with a glossy finish. #nailpolish #nailaddict

Pretty Serious “An Uzi from Daddy”

 #notd Pretty Serious Cosmetics “An Uzi from Daddy” from the Post Apocalyptic Princess collection. Yowee zowee it’s a stunner. Cobalt blue flakies in a pink base with luminescent blue microshimmer. I could wear this for the rest of my life. #nailpolish #nailaddict

Cadillacquer “A Dragon is not a Slave”

 #notd Cadillacquer “A Dragon is not a Slave” from the Dreams and Dust collection. Not as much holo as I expected. More contrast shimmer than holo, really. But the formula was great and the overall finish unique. #nailpolish #nailaddict #nailsofinstagram 

Powder Perfect “Vault of Heaven”


#notd Powder Perfect “Vault of Heaven.” Is it blue? Is it purple? Is it a holo? Is it a flakie? Yes, yes, yes, and yes. Stunning but a bit of a topcoat eater, so feed it a couple of clear topcoats before calling it finished. #nailpolish #nailaddict 

OPI “Show Us Your Tips”

 #notd OPI “Show Us Your Tips” from the New Orleans collection. So blurply. So shimmery. Its almost luminescent in low light. This one is the clear winner of the collection. Sublime formula, too. But check out that awful broken nail. Ugh, brace yourselves, my hand positions are going to be really awkward until it grows out. #nailpolish #nailaddict

Polished for Days “Warm Woolen Mittens”

 #notd Polished for Days “Warm Woolen Mittens.” Really unique texture on this one. It’s a lovely gray creme packed with ultrachrome flakies. I’ve never seen a combo like it. I was worried that the base would swallow up the flakies but it finished beautifully without having to fiddle around or fish for flakes. Very nice. #nailpolish #nailaddict

Glam Polish Glam Batch #17

 #notd Glam Polish Glam Batch #17. I expected a lot more sparkle and a little shade-shifting oomph but it was kind of disappointing. I never did get to see it in the sun, though. Lousy Smarch weather. #nailpolish #nailaddict