I’m all over the web.

  1. While messing around on youtube, I ran across a stormy sky video, which then led to me nail polish videos. Then I realized that we have 2 things in common, 1) We both love nail polish and 2) we both live in the same area. I just had to comment since most I’ve never randomly ran across a local that seems to love polish as much as I do!

  2. Hey there, just wanted to let you know i love your site, great nail pics and designs. If you want to check out my blog, please do… http://coloredwheels.wordpress.com . If you like it please add me to your blogroll… Thanks…

  3. so, I randomly found your blog. It seems like you like nail art…lol…right. So, just wondering if you have heard of Jamberry? They are pretty awesome vinyl nail wraps that come in 300 different designs. Super easy to apply, last for over a week, more like 2 weeks but my nail ADD doesn’t let me keep them on that long.

    I won’t link my site because I want you to know that this isn’t about the sale. I just love Jamberry so much. Check them out, find a rep and hopefully you will love them as much as I do. PS. They also make lacquer.

    • I get a lot of people asking me if I’m interested in Jamberry. The thing is, the Jamberry value proposition is vastly different from my goals. Jamberry applies quickly and lasts several days. It takes the work and creativity out of doing nails. But I love doing my nails. I love brushing on color. I love cleaning the edges. And I change colors every other day, so that makes Jamberry pretty cost-inefficient. Unless you’re planning on wearing them for several days, Jamberry is a much more expensive product per use than a bottle of even the most premium polish.

      Generally speaking, Jamberry and similar appliqué products are fantastic for people who don’t have a nail polish obsession. It’s not made for those of us who spend our days fantasizing about polish and pursuing collections of lacquer.

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